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[21 Dec 2006|12:17am]
I realize I haven't posted a LJ entry in the longest time and I guess maybe I'll start up again. I won't be around winter break as I leave for the Phillippines on Tuesday and I won't be back until January 12th, then moving back to school after that.

People posted their schedules for the upcoming semester so I guess I'll do the same

MR 02:30-03:45PM

MW 01:00-02:15PM


TR 01:00-02:15PM

M 05:30-08:00PM

R 11:00-11:50AM

TR 10:00-10:50AM

MW 11:30-12:45PM

Even though I'm taking 8 classes, this is like the first semester I haven't had to do a course overload. Nothing like sophomore year with 13 classes. I'm happy to be back in comp practicum having to miss it this past semester and I'm not looking forward to 20th century art song; I have to play in that class. I'm excited to be back in choir too. I'm kinda upset I couldn't fit French Phonetics for next semester but whatever

Hope everyone has a great holiday and happy new year!!!
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le sigh [27 Jan 2006|10:24am]
do you ever enter a room full of people and feel u can never be heard? or stand in an empty room and get a headache from all the noise? walk down a hallway with hundreds of people who dont care. or care so much that they are watching ur every move? i gotta stop thinking like this. i have some of the most amazing friends i can ever find, here at school, back home in the Edge, even some 3,000 miles across the Atlantic ocean. its just emotions. and secrets. and feelings. a lot of it involves being a music major and just being with such a WIDE variety of people, who i love. i can be in the dept and sometimes feel no one can understand me. then i can be feeling where everybody can feel exactly the way i am feeling. i hate the feeling i am being judged. or that i can be predictable. sometimes i hate practicing. not for the fact that i suck, but because its not so personal as it had used to be with me. the way our dept works, NOTHING is kept secret. pretty much any big event that happens with the ppl that dwell in McEachern High, becomes fact in that building. now sometimes i can be fine with that, as i am a staple in it many times. but sometimes it really gets under my skin. (and im not talking about what some of u may be thinking about formal lol). i mostly mean my privacy musically, which is all i really care about. my music is my emotions, my secrets, my passion. but i really feel it not to be so personal anymore, i always feel like its somebody's business. i know i sound a bit whiney but i just needed to get it outta my system. i think a big part of my stress if getting my pieces together for the few composition recitals going on next month. between rehearsals and actually finishing the pieces, ive been really stressed i guess.

so last night i spent the night at home, alone. as my parents were away for a few days. i havent feel so good in a LONG time. not that fact that i was home, but because i was with my piano by myself. i dont know what it was really, but i felt like theres no one watching. or listening. or judging. like i said before, my music is like my spoken word, my secrets. even tho im sure the average person wouldnt understand it, its just the principle of the thing. i was very happy to be able to play Bond in my living room and play along and not worry about anyone making fun of me, apart from molly. i just need to get this out of my mind. maybe now i wont care so much about the building and its skeviness.

so i andrea has agreed to accompany me to the music dept formal next month which i am very VERY excited about. im glad she was able to agree to it and i really cant wait to go. it will be nice to release a bit i guess.
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back to the hoe tel [16 Jan 2006|09:32am]
so im all moved back in as of last night. i left in the afternoon, kinda glad i only had to make one trip, then my mom calls and tells me i forgot my sheets. damn. everything is as i had left it back in december which is good. i didnt realize how many clothes i have! i take up more of the dresser i had then last semester, as well as some of chris' old drawers... there is like no one in this building. i saw a handful of people, i guess most either havent moved in yet or there are empty rooms.
so last week was the LAST week for the rt 17 triplex. thursday night, errol, mikeO, dantoni, JF, nabil, brendan, andy and myself were at the theater for the last showing the building had. there was food and stuff, but i kinda forgot i was still technically working so i had to serve drinks and such. there were areas of the theater ive never seen before, like the roof, it was sooooo gorgeous at night. i was kinda scared of the height and the climb back down the ladder was kinda creepy. the night was a long one, after the others had left, clearing out the usher room with posters and other free goodies, most of the other guests had left and me and errol were left to store up the four movies we had and bring them to 4. it was really scary, things were starting to fall apart, the pulleys would fall off of the projectors and lights would just go out. spooky. then the next day, friday, we all headed back to continue with the cleaning out. all our stock, candy, bags and sodas, were carried onto trucks and taken to rt 4. the clean up is still in the process, i went by before i moved yesterday and brendan and errol were cleaning up some side room by 1. i wanna see if i can head back friday.
later friday night was a party at satoshi's. it was a really really nice way to gather a hell of a lot of people before we all headed back to school.but my maaa wasnt there!! steph is already back from ireland, and i should see her later today before she goes off to merrty ole england. there were some special guests at the party as we left too lol.
so classes start tommrow. my french class was 'administratively dropped' so i need to find a way to comp for that fast. happy birthday to landa too, cant wait to see some mceachern kids this week!
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winter break thus far [02 Jan 2006|02:37am]
after my jury, finals came around and finishing them off was a really really great feeling! so my aural skills hearing was kind of a disaster. i didnt prepare words or solfeggio for a part of the exam so she failed me, but i got a B+ anyway. thats all that really worried me, that aural skills mess. but after all my exams, thursday came around and all my ladies came for a visit at the hoe-tel! so i think it was like 10 girls (and loris bf steve lol) in my room just chilling. im glad i was able to clear my room of the food then too, judith and steph pigging out on the chesse and tostitos. it was really nice to start off my break seeing all my favorite RD girls in once place and catch up with some stuff. we were pretty lame tho, we watched some backstreet boy videos and did origami.

the girls left and i got some sleep. i woke up extra early to move in back to the Edge, i had to make three trips! thats six really, cause im a moron and kept forgetting stuff. i really havent unpacked yet. all my shit is stil laying around and ive been living like a schmuck.
later that night, we headed to mikeOs for some card playing. i didnt do too bad, played my usual cher self. me and steph argued some and we got some rent songs played. it made me smile when alison was like 'rent is for losers!' and JF starts to mumble the words under his breath. 'okay guys its late, im gonna head back home' says mickey... mikeO whips out the old school OLD SCHOOL nintendo and we get some super mario 3 going! turns out mickey didnt go home till 2:30 with the rest of us. man playing that game again was soo great. mikeO even recreated the old school experience with the fucked up tv.

christmas was okay i guess. i had to work for a few hours christmas eve, but i still got home in time for dinner. the house was quiet, i dont seem to have as much family spirit as i used to have i guess.
ive been working non stop this break. apart from christmas day and last thursday, i worked every day this break. i have off tommorow but tommorrow is kristen's birthday!!!!! heading up to flanders lake and get to see everyone from school! mucho excited! on my day off, thursday, i spent the afternoon with some fine SAI ladies, andrea and meghan came over for some ddr and karaoke. the karaoke was really funny actually, pop songs can be hard to sing dancing at the same time. then that night, cards at maaaa's house! she never has ppl over! was a nice change of scenery.
new years was a party at sarah's house. good times with the ladies, me and steph got kinda bored in the middle, we mostly spent the night making fun of the lady on the subway in boston. it was a great night tho, party hard baby.

so like i said, tmmrow will be spent up north in flaunders lake for the birthday celebration of my favorite kristen! take care guys and happy new year!
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yea heres another one [27 Dec 2005|04:18pm]
January 2005
1. Did you have a new year's resolution this year?
not that i remember of really. i was never one to ever even make one

2.What did you do on New Years Eve?
i cannot remember for the life of me. i tried to, cause i dont remember christmas either so

3. Does it snow where you live?

4. Do you like hot chocolate?
very much so

5. Have you ever been to times square to watch the ball drop?
never, nor do i think i can ever get the balls to go

1. Who was your valentine in 2005?
hahah i guess susie was

2. What did your valentine get you?

3. When you were little, did you buy valentines for your whole class?
are you kidding? that so gay

1. Are you Irish?
there are shamrocks on the front of my house

2. Do you wear green on St. Patty's Day?
lame, but yes

3.What did you do for St. Patty's Day in 2005?
i prolly practiced cause seemed like the time to do it

1. Do you like the rain?
with a nice jacket and umbrella, yes

2. Did you play an April fool's joke on anyone this year?
i dont think so, but ill have to think of a really good one this year

3. Do you get tons of candy on easter?
is that what happens on easter?

1. What's your favorite kind of flower?
a nice looking one

3. Do you like the spring?
i love it, bring on the shorts and the flip flops!

4. Finish the phrase: April showers bring may flowers, what do may flowers bring?
juries and finals, but summer break too!

5. What would you think of as a spring color?
pale blue

1. What year did you graduate from school?
High School: 2004 College: 2008

2. Did you go on any vacations last June?
left for italy towards the end of the month for a month

1. What did you do on the 4th of July?
i was in italy and didnt get to see any fireworks :-(

3. Did you go on any vacations during this month?
was still in italy till the last week of july

1. Did you do anything special to end off your summer?
my birthday bbq! my RDs and my friends from college were there and it was great

2. What was your favorite summer memory of '05?
the countless amounts of card games with my RDs. i love them to death

3. Do you go swimming a lot in the summer?
if in my pool, yes i washed my feet quite well

4. Do you go to the beach a lot?
in italy i did

1. Did you attend school/college in '05?
McEachern High '06 baby!

2. Who is/was your favorite teacher?
good question..... david witten all the way (the dingo ate your baby)

3. Do you like fall better than summer?
gimme summmer all the way

1. What was your favorite halloween costume ever?
wow... lets see, red power ranger, green power ranger, blue power ranger, silver power ranger, gold power ranger, off white power ranger, magenta power ranger, iridescent power ranger. cow, priest, christmas tree. oh so great costumes lol

2. what's your favorite candy?
kit kats or nestle crunches

3. what did you dress up like this year?
cow for a second year. with make up by lauren crump :-)

1. Whose house do you usually go to for thanksgiving?
its always been my house

2. Do you love stuffing?
not too much

3. What are you thankful for?

1. Do you celebrate Christmas?
yes. it was okay this year i guess. it loses its fizzle as you get older i guess.

2. Have you ever been kissed under mistletoe?
no, maybe by molly

3. What do you want this year for Christmas?
a nice calm break to prepare me for the next semester

4. What's the best present you ever got for Christmas?
my car two year ago

5. Do you like cold weather?
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i guess holiday break is survey season for me [27 Dec 2005|04:05pm]
Take this survey about your High School memories. If you're still in HS, answer for the present.

1) Where did you graduate from and what year?
river dell regional highschool, class of '04

2) Did you have school pride?
not really, i dont think i had too much lol

3) Was your prom a night to remember?
i remember it quite well, i had loads of fun

4) Do you own all 4 Yearbooks?
yes i do, and i should look at some of them soon lol

5) What was the worst trouble you ever got into in school?
in highschool? wasnt a bad boy, but in elementary school, i forged my dads signature

6)What kind of people did you hang out with?
im pretty sure there were just two cliques at RD, u either played a sport or you didnt. and i didnt lol

7) What was your number 1 choice of College in HS?
canisus college in buffalo, NY

8) What radio station did you jam out to in highschool?
Z100! hell i still listen to it, i love pop music

10)What were your favorite classes in High School?
i guess choir was up there but i really liked both schmidt classes, physics and english

11) Who were your biggest crushes in High School?
hahah those will always remain a secret

12) Would you say you've changed a lot since highschool?
im still dorky and nerdy i guess. still that same choir geek

13) What do you miss the most about it?
seeing my favorite RDs every single day and loving it. just growing up with the people i love

14) Your worst memory of HS?
junior year really blew, work wise, life wise i guess. i was in a loop of many things, i think between YG, search was around that time too and all other crap. school work sucked too

15) Did you have a car?
christmas senior year

16) What were your school colors?
black and gold

17) Who were your fav. teachers?
like i said before, the schmidts, i liked ms lish our frosh year... cuccio rocked senior year. no one else really sparks me now so i guess they didnt really mean much

18) Did you own a cell phone in highschool?
haha since 7th grade. started with a big ass remote sized one

19) Did you leave campus for lunch?

20) If so, where was your fav. place to go eat?
paramus park mall was my favorite place for open lunch

21) Were you always late to class?
rarely. i was always on top of my game

22) Did you ever have to stay for Saturday School ?
does that even exist?

23) Did you ever ditch?
a handful of times

24) When it comes time for the reunion will you be there?
i wish there was one next week

25) Do you wish you were still in high school?
one word: McEachern High
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[24 Dec 2005|05:31pm]
Two Names You Go By
1. Lester
2. Les, mostly people from school

Two Parts of Your Heritage
1. Filipino
2. Czech

Two Things That Scare You
1. Being alone without family or friends
2. The area by the boiler room at work at the movie theater

Two Everyday Essentials
1. Music, whether playing or listening to it
2. Food

Two Things You Are Wearing Right Now
1. gym shorts
2. the orange shirt steph gave me, but her name tag is on my desk

Two of Your Favorite Bands or Musical Artists (as of now)
1. the click five
2. bond, of course

Two Things You Want in a Relationship
1. honesty
2. love

Two Truths
1. i love stupid pre-teen movies, like sky high as of recently lol
2. i was born in utah

Two things You hate
1. cats
2. when someone friends you on facebook and u have no idea who they are and when u try to make at least eye contact with them in real life they totally ignore you

Two Physical Things that Appeal to You
1. smile
2. calves lol

Two of Your Favorite Hobbies
1. anything music, playing or composing
2. photoshopping lol

Two Things You Want Really Badly
1. for it to be warm out so i can wear flip flops and shorts again
2. a really good next few weeks for break with my RDs

Two Places You Want to go on Vacation
1. France! prolly somewhere suburban
2. Hawaii, last time i was there i was lik 11 and i dont remember much

Two Things You Want to Do Before You Die.
1. write a famous pop song for kelly clarkson
2. be happy with what i have done in life

Two Ways that you are stereotypically a Chick/Guy
1. i burp a lot i guess
2. i can drive well, dispite the asian i me

Two Things You Normally Wouldn't Admit
1. i love the spice girls
2. i am obsessed with q-tips

Two people I would like to see take this quiz
1. steph chu/maaa
2. kristen
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[16 Dec 2005|11:16am]
im glad i can finally utter a sigh of relief that my jury is over with. you would think that after my third shot at it, i would start to get over it and begin to feel more confident in my music. well im not. and i only have one more shot at getting a really good jury performance, but until then, i gotta keep trying. ill get back to how my jury was, lets just recap the past few days.

so the let my people go concert was this past weekend in kasser. even with 4+ hour rehearsals, the whole experience was great. this kinda of music is the closet i think choirs would ever get to pop music, so i really tried to have fun. i was right next to the soprano section, being right at the end of the baritone section. ok, so me and kristen loved the female narrarator, we just think someone found her off the streets lol. "she performed on broadway!?" "more like the subway stop between broadway and 42nd street". the whole performance was about an hour and a half long, but standing for that long can kill a person. there was a line in the narration that said how the peoples feet were sore... and we all totally knew the pain. the preachin part wasnt too bad, it totally felt like it was organized and not spontanious. the composer was a really nice guy, he came into our comp practicum giving us advice on how to write for choirs. he even came up to me after the performance to congratualte us. nice guy he is. after the first performance, me and the gang headed to the tick tock diner, then the second performance, the six bros diner with lesley and kara. lots of diner-age this weekend lol

so this past tuesday at work, i had to work late to pick up the new movies for weds. we got just friends and rent (which i havent seen yet). i was pretty bored so for the first half of the night, i folded a load of origami with the new paper and book landa got me for my birthday over the summer. after that got boring, i spent the rest of the night singing. loud lol. yea so after like 3 straight hours of constant pop songs, my boss asked me if i ever got tired. i shook my head and proceeded to singing, then i figured some dancing was in order. by the end of the night (1:30am) errol was on the verge of insantity and i still had 200 songs left to cover on the playlist. well i figure 348 songs in one night was enough. weds was a JAM PACKED day with kristen! so step one was costco to get our greeting cards made, then step two grocery to pick up cookie dough! step three was at my house, baking and watching tyra banks. step four, hug kristen. step five, we picked up some bags and string to tie the greetings cards together! the bags of cookies we made for people were cute and we hope people enjoyed them! theres still some extra cookies i think, find me or kristen and get some!

so after the bags and cookies were done, we headed back to school to practice for our juries. kristen was there for a few hours, but i stuck around a while longer. the way i practice, i'll play for like a half hour, then get up and walk around for 10 mins, then get back at it. so its like 1 in the morning and im walking around the completely empty building. whenever i walk around, i always am able to reflect on things, kinda like mikeO does, just not on xanga lol. i still cant believe how weird life can be sometimes. just how people grow up, move on, and change. two years ago, me, alison, dantoni, jf, steph, katie and prolly a bunch of other people were eating lunch at the mall as usual. open lunch was so much fun. haha that was the day alison lost her car keys in the parking lot the day we did piggy back rides. wow that really was two years ago, right before the senior humanties choir concert (which i missed this year!). by the time i had went over all of this in my head, i was staring at the really lame christmas decorations around the building. christmas is always a funny thing for me. i dont know why but i really wanted to go home that day. i wanted to sit in my living room playing videos games like i did every holiday. but i still had all my piano jury work to practice, then all my finals. so i walked back into my practice room and did some scales.
so my jury, i practice a bit in the morning, my time slot being 12:10. it seems every semester june is before me, so i see her leave the piano studio and i walk in really slowly. so i start with my pieces and pretty much all of them were disasters. of all the things i practiced. i thought my pieces would have been the best, but i made such stupid mistakes. my fingers just seemed to not know where to go, there were parts i never EVER got wrong, and there they were fucking up. then david witten asks me for scales and he asks for E minor. so there i go not having a clue what E minor was lol. i added in a few G#s there for flavor i guess. then david witten is like, how bout you do a minor scale you actually know. so i did A minor lol. my sight reading went really well, i just cant count 3/4. i leave the room, forgot my bag inside so i had to wait, and realized i didnt do my etude! that could have saved my grade!! arghhh
okay so, i decided to take kerri out to lunch since i had 85 swipes left over, and since the semester is almost over, i might as well use them all up. walking over to the student center, i see all my piano juries walking over to the student center as well. i power walk over to them, calling them over and i offer to pay for lunch for them. lame? yea it is but whatever. so i ended up paying for david witten, mark pakman, mansoon kim and kerri, as well as myself. and i still had 70 swipes left over!! so we ended up sitting with bob aldridge, who is the chair of the music dept, and dennis smylie who is kristen's bass clarinet teacher! this was officially the weirdest lunch i have EVER had.
we exchanged christmas gifts last night which was fun. and now all i have left are finals. cant wait for break guys!! take care
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break and stuff [05 Dec 2005|08:26pm]
i really shouldnt be doing this... i have two papers to finish and ive been playing ff7 on and off too. but all the work i have to do this week is very important. and i have a stomach ache. but anyways.
so thanksgiving break was awesome. something i totally needed. had to get away from work and school and hoe tel and back with my RDs. so how did it start? rina, mick and i met up headed into the city to go fetch steph from nyu. so after waiting 3294890 years for the bus, we finally took a 165 instead of our

usual 11A and finally got into the city like 2 hours later than we had planned. poor steph just waited around for us lol. we met up at spice and rina and i finally had our craving fulfilled. damn steph was getting sick of it, and mick was having spice for the first time, but me and rina... we shoved our shrimp fritters down and attacked our pad thai lol. unfortuantly, i didnt get to have any cream puffs from beard papas due to time constraints. :-( so a quick cab ride took us to water street and into stephs dorm, which is pretty nice for two people living in it. so after hanging around there and such, mr chu came and picked our sorry asses up and once back in the Edge, me and rina and steph headed to sarahs house to catch up with the ladies. heh and bj lol. let's just say we're all a bunch of losers getting together and making fun of people lol.

thanks to mikeO, i was able to get outta work on thanksgiving to spend time with my... family. for some reason, well a reason i know for a fact, my family really pissed me off this year. just little things that flare up, things that most families go thru (i think) and just gets under my skin and makes me wanna scream. this year, thanksgiving was at my house with kian and kayla around. its so weird seeing kian sitting there, acting like I did when i was his age. "dad, i want chicken (stares at turkey)" "eat it kian, its chicken" "daddy, this doesnt taste like chicken" "eat it, its chicken". its weird, i was all set on hanging out after dinner, but i was knocked out like a fat woman in a swim suit contest. so the next day, mikeO and i picked up some lunch and spent the afternoon at the cineplex with dantoni and JF. i realized after a few hours there that i would be spending even more time there later that evening so i decided to head back home lol. work was boring as usual, we got the 50 cent movie, so u get those pre-teens going to see fitty and his bling. alison came to visit me and brought me creampuffs! i was so excited i cream puffed. heh yea didnt think id say that did u?

so saturday, i worked during the day and steph and alison stopped by and brought me more cream puffs. oh so good lol. and we got some card games going that night which i REALLY needed. naturally, i sucked since ill call any raise that JF makes just to have fun. we all played well and had fun, which made me miss summer oh so much. so after our goodbyes, i headed home, worked sunday and went back to school just in time to let my people go... to rehearsal. the three hour rehearsal wasnt as bad as i had thought it to be. we ran thru most of the music, kristen and jess laughing at the facial expressions u make. afterwards, lauryn took us to dunkin donuts and kristen and i were surprised to see a white guy working there lol. back at classes, the work just piled up for me. between comp work, piano, history, im just starting to choke. but as soon as thrusday is done, papers should be finished (hopefully) and all i have left is the let my people go concert. tuesday night, landa tried to teach me and lauryn a dance. it was a disaster, but hopefully we'll get it in time for the formal in feb!
thrusday night, kristen needed to go back home to mount olive for an observation and didnt have a ride back so i said id take her. it was just another excuse to sing pop songs lol. the trip was nice, we got a lot of songs in (all i wanted was horses) and we even had some food at the budd lake diner, which is way smaller than the one at the Edge. i drove back and just passed out in landas room lol.

oh and saturday night was a crazy one. lets just say there was a lot of skin lol. arighty im off to take my car to the deck on campus so i dont have to clean it off. and maybe ill pick up some medicine, my stomach still hurts. take care guys
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what do u think that makes me feel like? flowers? [09 Nov 2005|12:54am]
so the internet in my room is down once again, so im here in the comp lab at 12:30 in the morning making a long need entry. Me and kristen just read thru Duel, me on violin and her on clarinet and it was amazing! it was so much fun, i play bond music alone in my room all the time but i feel like such a loser, now its fun to see kristen making funny faces at me, so great. now, kristen landa and james went to the ratt for food. i just got back from work and im still in my work clothes. work was fun today, i always liked it when theres a nice amount of people, we had like 15 tonight, and i can hand out the free samples (dentenye sp? ice) to people, start little conversations and such and just be my usual self. erroll told me that im the most cheeriest member of the staff. i couldnt tell if i should take this as a positive thing or not lol. whatever. okay lets see if i can recap some past things and catch up.

so in my comp practicum, it always seems like there so much tension in the class. people are always on their toes ready to pounce at any moment. mind you, putting all composition majors in a room for an hour to critique each other, theres bound to be fireballs. so i decided the class needs some perking up. so weds afternoon, me and nicole went to lauryns house and we baked brownies! "nicole: hey les, go preheat the oven to 350 degrees" "me: okay.... hey... um.... how do u do this?" "nicole: lester! thats not the oven, thats the dishwasher! you're prewashing, not preheating" so you can tell that we got off to a great start. overall, the brownie turned out okay and im glad the class got to enjoy them, have people settle down a bit. me and kristen have made some frequent trips to kohls. its really sad, but we love going there, we just always expect great things! kristen bought a nice jacket and picked up a shirt. so we're walking down the aisle, and literally at the same time, we both see this really really ugly sequin blouse and scream "ruth!!!" it was so great, but this blouse was totally something our favorite theory teacher would wear.

oh! halloween was last monday! so since im cheap, i whipped out the old cow costume for the fabulous monday. the weather was really nice actually, that crisp fall air, which was awesome. since i lost the headpiece to the cow, i picked up some facepaint and lauren was nice enough to get it on me (thanks a lot landa. turns out, not a lot of people in the dept got changed for halloween. then again, theres so many strange people here, its like halloween everyday. so after masterclass, i went back to my room and washed by face, then me and lesley spent quite a fun evening together. the first stop was to a nice coffee shop in little falls. the lady there was really nice, she just seemed like someone who talks to the coffee pots during slow hours. next we called up rt 4 cinplex for movie times, then nabil got us free tickets to prime. it was a good movie, ur run of the mill chick flick, so ya know i liked it. on the way out, we headed to coconuts, and lesley picked up 3 dvds! ive never bought that much in one sitting, so i was pretty amazed at that. a nice dinner at panera ended the night, i havent been there in while so that was great. i havent really sat and talked to lesley all semester so im glad we had some catch up.

like i said, work as been peachy keen. mike and i started our first cardboard display, this one was for xmen 3 baby! we had no idea how big this thing was really gonna be lol so the first 20 mins, was taking the whole thing outta the box and figuring out the very first step. yea so after like an hour, all we got done was the base, and thats all thats really been done since. the remains sit inside the base and the whole project has been sitting in the ushers room. who knows when we will get that done lol. oh in choir, we had this 'dictation specialist' come in to help us with the spirituals we're doing. hahah all i really saw was a big black women, and she was great! ive been singing this style of music so long, its so funny. i really had fun that day, and kristen says i make funny faces when i sing wade in the water.

its so weird how college can be. there are feelings and emotions that have come up this past year or so that i never ever have come across. this past week has been tough for me. theres just some things i just cant take. i dont know if i myself cant take this emotions or my mind and body just isnt ready to handle it. but i just really needed to get away. after working hard on thursday then finding out some things, i was glad to pack some stuff up and head home for a weekend (to a working tv, so i was able to continue ff7 which i have restarted ^-^). so friday was mikeDs birthday. oh man, hes 20 years old already. i know this is gonna sound tacky, but we're growing up so fast. i remember the lot of us sitting in st petes parking lot, bullshitting like we always did, and here we are growning up bullshitting on facebooks lol.but anyway, jf, mikeO and i all came home to spend with dantoni on his birthday. i dont wanna steal mikeDs balloon, but this is something i felt i really needed, and it couldnt have come at a better time. sometimes, as much as i love college and all the people ive met and grown to love here, i still feel like my little river edge life was perfect for me, and that i never really wanted a change. sometimes, i feel things now that i never thought of before and that confuses me. i guess, back in highschool, i had that bubble life that i was so used to and i think change is bad. but here i am loving college, dont get me wrong, i really love it here, and i have friends i can't imagine not having in this point of my life. i just wish that the emotions and pain (and work) could have been pushed to the side. So for mike's birthday, first me, JF and mikeO got dinner at gsp, quite nice being able to see those two, since i see mikeD so much at work. but when the four of us came back together, it was sooooooo awesome. i felt like it was summer again (it kinda was when we went back to my backyard for cards lol). i really didnt want things to change again. so we went to van saun, walking from JFs house, headed to the playground, had an awesome time. "buffaskunk, i choose you!" "buffaskunk digivolve to.... skunkalo!" yea we're losers, but we dont care.(if uve read this much, IM me sometime, and ill bring u a cookie lol)

so erroll calls us the fantastic four. kinda funny we're all employed at the same place, isnt it? walking in the park, the four of us again was great. how many times have i said that? yea okay im a dork so what, i love my friends. anyway.... so we headed to bowler city, played a few games, i sucked as usual. but whatever. i really missed bowling, i havent played in a long time. we departed for the night, then me and the mikes had lunch in little japan the next day. i had sushi and ramen and it was awesome. lol. mikeD had to go to work as andy our manager was ill, so we had to cut the trip short, i headed into work then after him. this was a great weekend, i cant wait for thanksgiving now! argh this semester is almost over... ill have 2 huge papers, finals, juries, pieces and all this other crap, done by christmas. hopefully. well i hope u all are doing well, keep in touch guys okay? and take care. oh and edgar, lemme know how natalie imbrulia is, or however u spell her name lol
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[16 Oct 2005|10:51pm]
yea, so i havent updated in almost a month which is kinda weird for me since i always try to find time to take care of this shizzat. its not like many people read this anyway lol. okay since its been so long, here are some of the big events of the past month that i can remember heh heh.
so sunday, sept 25 was the joss stone/gavin degraw concert! oh man it was totally amazing!!! so me and fran take the 11a into the city, meet up with steph!! then get some spice for lunch (rina, the pad thai was amAzing!), head to broadway for the flea market, then meet up with some of stephs friends to head to the concert! it was a fair day outside, not to bad, as we waited around the block for them to let us inside. the ballroom was pretty big i guess, we were all crammed in there by the stage. joss started off the night, ive never really listened to her music, except for that one song she had, but her whole set was fantastic!! shes a black womans voice in this little blonde body! she had awesome stage presence and totally got us into it. i think she did abou 10 songs, ending with the one song i knew which was awesome live :-) then mmm gavin came on and it all went down. i tried to sing along to as many songs as i knew, he played on piano and guitar, he even got on top of the piano to get the crowd going and it was awesomme!! thanks to ali for getting me and steph to go to a gavin concert! it rocked and sipped! and thanks to ms chu for the pics!

hmm lets see... work has been going well. it seems that all the free time i thought i would be having during school is going to work, but at least im getting money now, and a nice supply of popcorn lol. mike was able to gimme a copy of FFVII advent children... ::drool:: the movie was absolutely amazing! the fight scenes totally rocked, i loved the tifa one, the piano music in the bg totally worked in that scene. i think they should have given yuffie some more scenes, she was the best character!! overall, i approved of the movie :-)
this past thursday was the trip to boston to visit sarah at tufts! so i took the train from school to penn station, then got myself to chinatown all by myself!! steph: "les, where are u!" "me: im standing right by a food store, its sign has a yellow background and red writing!" "steph: im standing right by it!" "me: no ur not, i dont see you!", we look out over the street, every store has a yellow background and red writing lol. we finally find each other and me and the Diva take the most ghetto-est bus ride. for 30 bucks round trip, the Fung Wah bus takes you from new york to boston in about 4 hours. the bus ride there was grand, the bus had a competition to see which group can collect the most garbage into their bags. me and steph totally won that by far, watching people trip and get hurt from our bag on the way off the bus. once in boston, sarah and her roommate welcomed us and sarah took us into the heart of boston, despite all the monsoon going on. there was so much rain it wasnt even funny, it rain and rained and rained. and naturally, steph broke her umbrella so we were down one for a large portion of the trip. on the subway, we saw this lady who had so much botox done to her face, it streched out and she looked so stupid. steph and sarah learn how much i snore when i sleep, and my stupid air mattress had a hole in it and after like an hour, i would be on the floor. me and steph spent $3.50 each for a 7 dollar smoothie... it was sooo good, just damn expensive!! we got to see the a capella show with the bubs performing, which was quite nice finally seeing it in person after hearing sarah talk about them so much. then a party afterwards which was grand as i love to dance lol. overall, the boston trip was awesome, just really crappy rain. poor steph was pretty muched soaked the whole way, all the way down to her little shoes.

so me and steph take the 10am fung wah back to nyc, where me and my mom said goodbye and i headed back to NJ, just in time to perform the first kaleidoscope 2005 concert. we totally rocked the gospel like no other. daniel would have been proud :-) this year, they put us in the back workshop area, which was so weird cause here i am in my tux sitting next to heavy power tools. not cool. but we all looked gorgeous so thats all that really matters. after the first show, went to the diner for food, got changed then headed to an afterparty, saw it was mad crowded, then me kristen and landa retreated to dave, chris and bens place. sunday was the same concert again, except i left early cause i was hungrey. u all know how i get when im hungrey

so i just got back from lauryns house, who provided us with an awesome sunday night dinner. this was the most perfect ending to one of the best weekends ive had in a while. i think a big part is that i didnt have work heh heh. but yea with a trip to boston, two concert performances then big dinner, im totally out of it, so time for bed (even tho my character piece isnt done yet, kristen, u better have started yours!), monday should be exciting as usual!

oh and meg frank, we gotta head back to B&N for ur book k? and edgar, still missing you, come back like now okay? dantoni, thanks for taking the double on saturday and thanks for the movie! JF and mikeO, decided a weekened u both come home so we can play cards at palins. take care everyone!
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[17 Sep 2005|05:09pm]
i still have no internet in my room so here i am once again (im torn into pieces) at home making another entry. i finally got a desk which is nice so i dont have to work on the floor. school has been going pretty great! i know im one of the few to say this, but i really love going to school, apart from the whole class thing. i really need to pretend i dont speak english for gen ed classes. i get the weirdest people talk to me about the most random things; argh! music history is by far one of the most boring things ive ever had to sit thru. and the class is in the recital hall which is even worse. the teacher def picks on me dammit! so i didnt read, stop asking me questions then! my religion class, the 2.5 hour one, is really droning, especially when its 5:30 - 8. me and adam went into our pool on weds, which was oh so fun, the water is boiling tho, im sure its better in the winter.

life in the hotel is so weird. i still can believe im in a hotel. me and kristen have some good times going on, and with a new friend nicole, kris friend from flaunders lake. "cat feet... arent those called paws?".

yesterday was the steph mikeD and les TCNJ trip to visit mikeO and ngy! the car ride was pretty long, as we were stuck in traffic on the turnpike which seemed like forever. we had some good pop songs going but i had the volume really high and gave mikeD and steph a headache when we got out. the tcnj campus is sooo gorgeous, made me jealous with msu's totally attractive buildings. MikeO gave us a nice grand tour, some of the buildings i remember, Eyekoff... new res... ely... alber holdell?.... Allen!... that fancy ass library. i said hi to everyone i saw on that campus, mostly would get a smile and a hi back, then i would get the creepy "wtf did u say hi to me i dont know u" faces. s'all good. so we were walking around and steph is swinging her water bottle around. i get a quick glance at it and i thought it was an animal running up to us and i screamed so loud... yea so im dorky so sue me. mikeO dorm was nice, looked like a real dorm and not a hotel room, or a f-ing disaster like blanton or bohn. we spend the night around campus with a guilty pleasures festival, which included video games, card game, sugar tubes, jousting games and such. was really glad to see ng at tcnj too since i didnt see her at all over the summer. too bad i missed out on seeing fob at tcnj... next time monica!!

hope things are going well with you guys out there. pray i get internet soon so i can be online all the time like im so used to lol. take care
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the Hoe tel [10 Sep 2005|01:35pm]
so the last few days have been a really big blur for me. i moved into the hotel on sunday, and got to see everyone!!! it was really great it was a long time coming. we walked to applebees for our reunion dinner which was awesome as always. and jess birthday was sunday!!! happy bday babe! i worked monday and tuesday after that which was peachy

classes started on weds which was okay for one, but amazing on the other since i finally walked the hallways of mceachern high once more! as a sophomore baby! ive only met a handful of new freshmen, but im sure ill get to know some of them okay. seeing people at school was really great since i really did miss a lot of them. that night, me adam chris and dan hung out and got wendys. yum.

i kinda missed blanton food. then i ate some and got sick. the end lol. thursday really pissed me off. i had music history at 8:30am so i got up all early and was ready to go. hopped in my car to drive from the hotel to school and i was stuck in traffic for 47 mins!!! i was a half hour late for my first mus his class and im never late for anything!!! damn traffic on rt 3. im gonna have to ask lauryn for backroads. after mus his, i had math which was okay, my teachers like a mom teacher. i had lunch, comp practicum (which is something special in itself, i smell the return of the journey of the phoenix), chorale after that (aww kevin is concert manager lol) then my first lesson of second sem. i miss david witten so much, and so now hes going into surgery on tuesday, thats why my lessons was so early. best of luck to him! went out to dinner with my parents as it was my moms birthday. very nice. got sick that night bad stomach ache but kristen and nicole came over and we watched the money video!!! u guys remember that? oh how i love korean girls doing karaoke

so friday i had off. me and dugan didnt get outta bed till like 1:30 when nicole knocked our door. so i got up and got ready and me and nicole watched andre rieu live in the royal albert hall. we love him oh so much. and we love that hot viola player lol. after that, dinner at panera with a girl who was dress so bad, she needed to go home and try again lol. movies at my theater, the brothers grimm. okay movie. i love matt damon so thats all that really mattered. went to visit katie at ramapo later that night, do some other things before that tho heh heh. katies dorm is so gorgeous, all the ramapo ones are. me jealous. went back to river edge, dunkin donuts with judy and BJ. stopped home since i was sick, back to school to sleep

my room still has no internet so thats why this update is being done at home lol. and i have to desk so my desktop computer is on the floor and i have to lie on my stomach when i work which is killing my back. hope all you guys are doing well. hope to hear from you all soon okay? sip yo juice!
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[02 Sep 2005|11:11am]
went to little japan with mike. ate lunch. car battery died. waited for tow guy. jumped the car. went to mechanic. waited like 2 hours for new battery. went to sleep. internet died. ate chinese for dinner. went out. had one of the best pop concerts ever.
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here we go [30 Aug 2005|10:05am]
so school is coming up pretty fast. i move in on sunday already! i really cant wait to see everybody from school... its been too long. so my mom took me shopping yesterday, even tho i really didnt think i needed anything. we went to IKEA, all set to buy a container to put plates and stuff. an hour of walking around led us to leaving with a bag of chocolates, cookies and other goods. who goes to IKEA for food? i guess my mom does lol.

oh so thanks to a good word from mike, i am now officially employed at the RT 17 cinplex! its so funny, i literally signed the app at like 9, brought it in, and i was working by 1 the next day lol. my frist day was okay, learning how to use the console and such was new, since all my other jobs never really involved large amounts of money. Otherwise, its pretty simple, im really glad i get to see micheal dicheal during the year so thats a yay!

so my court hearing which was supposed to be tommorow has been postponed. they havent told me the new date yet, but a letter will be mailed to me. this is so frustrating tho, i got the ticket in april and my hearing has been changed three times! just let me go dammit!

I finally got me a new phone! finally a phone that can actually make calls lol

i've been addicted to the click five, its really sad. ever since seeing them at the backstreet boys concert and on tv once in awhile, its become so addicting! then again, its dripping with pop, so only natural that my ears are attracted to it.

goodbyes are so hard. the last few i had to do really sucked :-(

but everything will be okay heh heh. cant wait to see everyone again eh?
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:-( [27 Aug 2005|03:24pm]
okay so by today, almost everyone is gone, or wil be within the next few days. i hope everyone had an awesome summer, i def did and you all made it soooo great. best of luck to all my RD's and other friends from home, whether you'll be right across the river or all the way across the ocean, have a great semester, promote the dance and see ya very soon ok? and to everyone else

McEachern High 2006 baby!!

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[22 Aug 2005|07:57pm]
so with summer 05 coming to a close, ive had to say goodbye to several people i hold dear to my heart. i figured it should be easier the second time around but not true lol
ive been to the city twice this past week which is pretty mad. the first time was last saturday for the aquarium trip! for lunch we went to spice which was sooo good! i love thai food and spice made my love skyrocket since its pretty cheap for lunch. we then headed over to coney island by subway. isnt it weird that u start off in an underground subway then when u get to coney island, ur in a station above the city? so on the subway ride, we were the only group really except for two other guys on the other side of the car. we played two games that anu and steph taught me and alison. the first one involved taking four objects and arranging them differently, each arrangment representing one of the four of us. in the end, the game just really pissed me off and we moved on to another game starring Brandon and Jacob, an air balloon, some lack of clothes and two straws. yea really pissed me off lol. over all, the aquarium was awesome, we saw sharks and turtles and sea lions oh my! it was mad hot so we were all sweltering by the end of the grand day.

the week consisited of many card games and a trip to the new barnes and noble! sip yo juice! oh, me and rina came up with the new dance thats gonna take over the world by storm, its gonna be bigger than the macarena! ask either me or her to learn it and u will be one of the coolest kids around.
so the second trip to the city was this past friday with rina and steph. this was rinas like time in the greatest city in the world so she wanted some spice before she left. so we got spice for lunch which was awesome again! their pad thai rocks this world, so does our server named cherry lol! we walked around a bit, headed to the south side to check out where stephs new dorm is for next year. nyu spans like everywhere its so funny, everywhere u turn u see the damn purple lol. so its almost dinner time and we think where to eat... where do u think we go? haha back to spice! we walk in and like two waitresses are like, hey werent u here for lunch? dinner was great once again. this trip ends on a very sad note, i think i lost my digital camera on the bus ride home as it wasnt on me upon my return to river edge. my best friend, my extention to my arm is gone and im having trouble cooping. the pics from the trip were awesome. steph comforts me saying who ever has it is watching the vids and pics and is just being jealous they cant be as awesome as we are. any info anybody, hit me up. oh and mikeD got me a nice promo poster of the human torch from his movie theater which totally rocks. you get a big thumbs up buddy! :-) and thanks JF for telling him lol. oh and i cant leave out mikeO u rule to with those straws strung across the storage room

ok ive been eating nutella and watching emma bunton videos for like the past hour and a half. wtf is wrong with me :-p (its all ur fault edgar)

hope everyones doing well and appreciate summer before it ends!
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loris last night [12 Aug 2005|12:48am]
The River Dell Alumni 2005 Photoshoot

who can guess whats wrong with the last picture?
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stupidity at its finest [09 Aug 2005|10:32pm]
ok i know that I can be pretty stupid sometimes, but what happened today pretty much sums up how stupid i can be. so desi and landa invited me to go to the mall with them today:

"hey les, come with us, we're going to the mall"
"okay which one?"
"the gardens one"
"hmm ok"... so there i am going down the turnpike
i totally miss the exit... EX 13A and i get hardcore lost
being like a half hour late, i finally get to the jeresy gardens
so i call landa to find out where they are
"lester, did i just hear a plane take off in the background?"
"yea why?"
"what mall are u at??"
"jersey gardens!"
"no idiot!! garden state plaza!!"
so i drive ALL THE WAY back home, to where i live no more than five minutes from the garden state plaza.... ::sigh::

ah well im glad i got to see them two. im really starting to miss school. there really isnt anything to do here, and no one every does things anymore. people are already starting to leave which makes me sad. hope i get to say goodbye to people. lets hope its not as hard the second time around lol
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woot woot [01 Aug 2005|06:06pm]

the past few days have been pretty suite, i have to say lol.
so thursday night, international buffet with some pretty fine asian ladies. I was a little upset they didn't have any coconut shrimp but i got over it after i cleared the sushi bar heh. afterwards, we headed to palins for cards. i pwned the first part, getting a pretty big pot with a full house of pair queens and trip 8's that came out on the board. i got pretty cocky after that and lost all my winnings but whatever lol.

saturday was my bday barbecue. what a suite day, i couldnt have asked for better weather or for better people to be there. thanks to kristen, dugan, lauryn, landa, frankie, jess, desi and dan for taking the drive to come! i filled over a hundred of water balloons and they were all worth it baby! the big red ones were the best, they would smell like cherries after they explode. so everyone was pretty much soaked, even those not planning on getting wet, which was the best part of it all lol. so i think my body is water balloon resistent; everytime someone threw one at me, it would bounce off and hit the thrower. kinda funny, kristen, JF's and dugan got what they deserved lol. so people just burst them over my head which was cool. when people would show up, judy would run up and take their bags, then i would ocme up and pop a nice big water balloon over them. haha it was so great, they would be like "aww judy that so nice of u to take my things" then theyd get soaked lol. my little cousin kian went crazy with the hose, attacking anyone he wanted. after my yard was covered with broken balloons, andrea had the great idea to tell my cousin to play "lets-see-who-can-pick-up-the-most-colored-garbage-pieces" so kian runs around pushing people over until the whole yard was clean lol. lots of filipino food was out for everyone and made me smile pretty wide. i love life lol

last night was the backstreet boys concert at pnc.... totally amazing!! the ride there was pretty fun, playing the boys on the iPod. we took a pitstop to eat the leftovers from the party and the cake ^-^. the opening acts were okay, the girls in front of us just came for 'the click five' (which is one of the most tackiest names ever). it was good tho, cause they sat down for like most of bsb so me and steph had a great view of the boys!! they played all their singles as well as most of the songs from never gone me and steph slaved to memorized (oh! beauti women just came on the shuffle!) i was really surprised that i knew more of the words to the songs than most of the pre teens there. the concert was so great, they danced, had fireworks and everything. even the stool songs were great. i wanna go again heh heh!

oh todays my birthday guys, in case facebook didnt tell you lol

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